Sacred Journey to Sedona

October 1-4, 2017


Power to Create through



Join Linda Backes, Ruthi Cohen-Joyner and Dr Leslie Wells on a sacred journey to take the next progressive step into Your Infinite Power as a Divine Creator.


We join together to:

·         Shift the inner and outer worlds of your personal Matrix

·         Activate Thought-form creation with E.V.E. Consciousness

·         Neutralize the charge of disempowering aspects of your life in order to move into Mastery of the Heart.

·         Transcend current timelines to re-calibrate the past and future.

·         Ignite the Flame of Clarity through Sacred Ritual and Connection.

We will use many tools in our time together. EFT or Tapping, Meditation, Sound Healing with drumming, Soul Healing, hypnosis, dance, and fire ceremony.

Your Facilitators:

Linda Backes

As an Alchemical Priestess & Channel of Light and Sound energies through the cosmic realms, Linda facilitates sacred ceremony, empowering ritual, and multidimensional bridge work to recalibrate and redesign your personal matrix.

Ruthi Cohen-Joyner

As a Transformational Energy Psychology Facilitator, Ruthi will lead, guide and support you through subliminal mind repatterning using EFT Tapping, trauma release, and creative visualization.

“Dr. Leslie” Wells, DC

As the Minister of EVE Consciousness® ~ the new era of consciousness evolution and vehicle of thought-form creation, Dr. Leslie is a Spirit-led vessel who will inspire you to embrace new understanding, assist you to activate your gifts, and lead you to embody the current matrix that unveils your power to create.


Costs include lodging and full breakfast daily at a 4 Star luxury resort in Sedona, and all workshops and ceremonies. Costs do not include transportation to and from the event and some meals.

Call 704-280-1010 for more information.



SPECIAL GIFT thru April 30th:  Register and receive the Early Bird Discount PLUS 3 full matrix empowerment sessions - one each with Linda, Leslie and Ruthi so that you can begin your journey before we even arrive at the sacred lands of Sedona



$1200 cash/check or $1245 PayPal/Credit Card



$300 initial deposit at time of registration, then 3 payments of $315 due May 1st, June 1st and July 1st


REGULAR BOOKING: After May 31st - June 30th

$1500 cash/check or $1550 PayPal/Credit Card


Down payment is $750/$775*

*Can do 2 payments of $750 Cash/Check or $775 PayPal/Credit Card




Call 704-280-1010 or visit for more information